My name is Antti Häkkinen, I was born in May 1983 in Helsinki, Finland. I recently graduated from Keuda with a vocational degree in Audiovisual Communications. I have recently worked as an entrepreneur designing websites, but I have the most experience in game development as a programmer, which have partly accumulated at school. I have a particular interest towards gameplay and tools programming.

See below for a portfolio of projects I have worked with.




Quagmire is a single-player mod for the real-time strategy game StarCraft 2 on PC



BitSpace was a mod project with a 4-week dead-line done by myself and two other students with the Unreal Engine and its great modding tools


4-month long internship at Digital Chocolate, during which I took part in developing two mobile phone games as a programmer that were released for mobile phones using physical buttons. You can find the games in my portfolio (above).

18 months at Tomodomo developing a mobile phone game mainly solo, until my fixed-time employment contract of “wirk” was completed. but the game was unfortunately never released. However, I got excellent experience using the Unity-platform.

I have designed and developed a website for Aleksi Tuhkanen who works as an osteopath. I created the site with WordPress using the very flexible Avada-theme. In the beginning of the project I created a wireframe which Aleksi found to be good, and during the development I got lots of feedback, so it was easy for me to do it to his liking. The site can be found here:


I graduated from Tikkurilan Aikuislukio in 2003 with a focus on mathematics.

Studied for 2 years at Stadia, a university of applied sciences, in 2006-2008 in a class studying mathematics with SEFI-standards, until I got an opportunity to study at Adulta in a game development curriculum in 2008. I completed my studies, however I wasn´t able to finish my degree work because of health reasons.

I graduated from Keuda with a vocational degree in 2019, where my voluntary studies were game development and web developing.

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