Project Description

Crazy Ivan, my 1st project

Crazy Ivan was a six-week project for our whole class consisting of 23 people, a mix of experienced and inexperienced students working together on various tasks creating a Monkey Island type adventure game with Adobe Flash CS3.

Based on my experience in mathematics and basic courses that I took in Java-programming before, I realized I wanted to get involved in the programming of this project (with ActionScript 3). I took part in designing the game and the first few weeks working alongside the more experienced programmers, helping them when I could. As the project neared its end I realized that much of the projects code finalizing was done by me. I learned a lot during this project!

The game’s dead-line version can be downloaded for Windows on the right. A lot of graphical and some code issues are yet to be fixed, but this version will show you what we did in exactly that six weeks.