Project Description

BitSpace, my 3rd project

BitSpace was a mod project with a 4-week dead-line done by myself and two other students with the Unreal Engine and its great modding tools. The idea for our mod came from another mod we saw on YouTube, where you paint your way in blank, white levels with black paint balls. Our idea was to make a Tron-like experience where the player is sent inside a computer and cannot see anything but is given a weapon that shoots light emitters.

For this to work we needed someone to work on UnrealScript classes. I felt obligated and excited to work on those. Since we had only four weeks to complete the project a lot of my time with the Unreal classes went with trial and error while learning how they function. Eventually I got everything working nicely and even had the time to create the first level to the mod.

On the right is a zip-file for the mod, but there isn’t a self-executing install file created yet. The mod requires Unreal Tournament 3 with patch 2.0 installed. Replace the files into your “My Documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame” manually, if you want to try out our mod!