Project Description

Chaos Game, my 2nd project

Chaos Game is a still unnamed project inspired by Chaos Engine. It was done in two weeks as a school project by myself and three other students in order to get to know the XNA 3.0 development tool. We started our project from a XNA Creator’s Club game sample Collision with a heigthmap which allowed us to create a 3d terrain for our characters in our time limit and experience.

The game is a 2-player shooter where the goal is to survive as long as possible while shooting enemy robots to reach for that high score. The game is currently only playable by two players with Xbox 360 controllers for Windows, although if you let the A.I. kill the other player you’re free to kill them on your own.

I was put in charge of the code development and the rest of the team members handled 3d modeling, sound and animation (which was dropped out due lack of time). The code is almost fully written by me but I also had help with the characters health bars and building positioning.

Below is the game’s main class as a text-file and on the right the game itself as a zip-file from the dead-line version. The game requires Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express, XNA 3.0, and at least one Microsoft Xbox 360 controller for Windows.