Project Description

Rollercoaster Rush New York, my 5th project

This was the second game I participated in development at Digital Chocolate as a trainee programmer. I was lucky to be on the team long enough to finish the game, since my internship was nearing it’s end.

Rollercoaster Rush New York was a hectic rollercoaster game where the goal was to skillfully maneuver the carts on rollercoaster tracks so that the passengers were kept on the edge of their seats, having the time of their lives, sometimes crashing and parachuting back to safety.

The game was a 2D side scroller, again, based on a previous rollercoaster game. We fine-tuned the game further, added new elements and the 99 new levels, of which 11 of them were done by me since I had time to also participate in level design, for a short amount of time.